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About - Art and Craft Class - NidhiArts

If you are looking for Art, Craft, Painting or Drawing class, you’ve found it! We offer Art, Craft, Painting and Drawing classes for adults, teens (13-17 years old) and children (4 to 12 years old).

In Art and Craft Class - NidhiArts, we believe drawing and painting are two important skills which support the creative and innovative thought process. Helping students to learn how to "see" beyond the obvious, appreciate subtle differences in shade or color and dare to experiment are just a few examples of our passions.

We Art and Craft Class - NidhiArts helps you to learn and improve your creativity, art and crafts like Paper craft, Quilling, Emboss painting, Pot painting, Glass painting, Wood painting, Fabric painting, Canvas painting, Ceramic painting, Handmade wall pieces, Wall hanging, Key stand, Pen Stand, Mirror and Drawing too.

We allow each student from a beginner level to an intermediate or advanced level, giving them the opportunity to learn at their own speed.

  • Learning Art, Craft, Painting & Drawing is not difficult at all! You just need a great Teacher! Awesome things You Can Learn From Art and Craft Class - NidhiArts.
  • There is no age limit for learning. Any one can learn Art, Craft, Painting & Drawing.
  • During the Summer, We offer special Summer Vacation Batches.
  • Group coaching is also available.
  • Focus on each individual students.
  • We helps students to make school art projects.
  • We also make Awesome Wedding card box / Wedding card tray / Designer Boxes on your Special occasion.